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Sammie Bartko and her team strives to put high style and creativity into each piece of art, while maintaining a fun and professional enviroment at your next party or event.

Birthday Parties

When you hire Sammie Bartko and her team to face paint for your next birthday party, each guest will have a unique work of art that will transform them into their ultimate fantasy.  Every child and adult will be astonished when they look in the mirror. 


Sammie Bartko has an unlimited amount of designs to offer your guests. Princesses, superheros, tigers OH MY! No two designs are alike, each is done with bright vibrant colors that will make your guest say "WOW". For the girls we can add shimmer and sparkle to the design for a more glamorous look. 


Having a theme based party is no problem. We can customize our designs to fit any theme. Pirates, Fairies, movie and toy charecters, we have it covered. Custom designs will give your party the finishing touches you've been looking for.


Having Sammie Bartko and her team to face paint at your next event will be a hit! Whether if its for a company party to say thank you to your employees, to impress your next client or for your next festival. Your guests will be amazed!


We can take all the custom perks of the birthday parties and cater them to your large event. Multiple artists are available for larger events to ensure that each and everyone gets painted. We also have line coordinators available to help make sure your guests are taken care of while they wait.


With Sammie Bartko and her team at your next event will be a magical memory for years to come.

Face painting for birthday parties

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