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Hiring    Sammie Bartko and her team

Sammie Bartko and her team offers a boutique style services that provides high style face and body art for birthday parties, corporate events, trade shows, magazines and film worldwide.


Our company strives to put high style and creativity into each piece of art, while maintaining a fun and professional enoviroment at your next party, event or project.


Edward Scissorhands body art by Sammie Bartko
Sammie Bartko Face and body Artist

ABOUT Sammie Bartko

Sammie Bartko owner and head artist has been creating art ever since she can remember.


She began her professional journey in the arts during college. With a desire to paint she began college majoring in Fine Arts. Shortly after beginning college Sammie realized it would be difficult to have a career as a Fine Artist. She then decided to switch her major to Graphic Design. After graduation she did some freelance work as an artist and graphic designer.


After moving to Utah with her husband, Sammie began to teach herself face painting. She then realized how fun and amazing this art form was. From there she began to take classes and attend her first convention to fine tune her artist skills in this new medium.


During her first FABAIC (Face And Body Art International Convention), Sammie took home 2 awards (2nd in Semi-Pro Face Painting competition and 2011 Upcoming Artist). After returning home she won 2nd in Illusions magazine Butterfly Face Painting competition. In both 2012 and 2013 she won 2nd place in the Professional Face Painting competition.


Shortly after winning these competitions, Sammie was then asked to be an instructor on FABAtv (Face and Body Art Television). Then Illusions magazine asked to feature her as an artist and also create step by step designs in Issue 22 of the magazine. Sammie’s art has also been featured numerous times on, and FABAIC web and print publications. She is now an ambassador for ProAiir Body Make-Up.


In 2014, Sammie had 3 of her body paints featured at the Sundance Film Festival. There she was asked to be featured on an episode of "Beauty Battalions" along with an article about her and her body paintings in "Producer Magazine".


Along with some of the biggest names in the industry, Sammie will be teaching face and body painting this year at the FABAIC in front of artists from all over the world.

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